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Facilities for Students

Day Care Centre

Day Care Center (DCC) GCWUF is functional with all the necessities required to provide safe, affordable, and high quality child care to the children of the teaching faculty during their working hours. The centre provides a home like environment and special attention is paid to child development and learning by technically trained staff.


Canteen plays an important role within the broader university environment that of reinforcing knowledge, skills and behavior about healthy eating and lifestyle. Healthy food is provided to all students as well as staff and faculty members to create a culture of healthy eating. Our university canteen offers hygienic and fresh food including fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, milk-based products like shakes, ice creams, smoothies. Quality of food is maintained at canteen. It sometimes affects manufacturing cost and sale rates of products available at canteen as compared to those in open market. The canteen of Government College Women University Faisalabad is spacious covered area that serves food in disposable plates. A separate ticketing counter and cash counter make the system of the canteen well organized. Vendors at the canteen give importance to the feed-back of the students and faculty and keep trying to improve the quality of their food while making its presentation catchy.

Food Court

Food court is the long awaited facility provided by the worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Robina Farooq. It facilitates university staff with variety of traditional Pakistani, Chinese and continental cuisine & snacks on very reasonable rates. University employees avail the facility either through monthly registration or as walk-in-customer.
Disposable crockery, comfortable furniture, spacious sitting area, and efficient serving staff are some of the salient features of the food court.

RO Water Filtration Plants

There are three RO water plants and one water filtration plant in Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad. These are of capacities of 1 ton and 2 tons respectively. Almost 17000 day scholars and hostel students, 500 faculty members, 300 non-teaching staff and general public outside university is using safe drinking water from these plants.


Government College Women University Faisalabad takes fitness of its students seriously and that commitment can be found in university gym. The place offers following equipment:
i. Stepper
ii. Twister
iii. Butterfly
iv. Treadmill
v. Yoga Fitness Mat
vi. Cycler
vii. Ab Exer
viii. Cycle

Hall Council

Hall Council in GCWUF is maintaining girls’ hostel to accommodate the students coming from other cities. Hostel premises include four halls, having different number of rooms and a food court. All rooms are equipped with basic facilities such as furniture electric fans, geysers, chiller etc as per requirements. Lots of students apply for hostel facility however hostel management scrutinizes their applications on merit.

Masjid and Research Centre

A masjid occupies an important position in the daily life of all Muslims. Besides being a place of worship, it also serves as a community centre where Muslims can socialize in an environment free of judgement, harassment or discrimination.
The masjid in GCWUF has been designed and laid out keeping in view the needs of students and includes facilities for ritual ablution as well academic research.
It is available to staff and students of the University, and is open from morning to evening every weekday.
It provides a quiet place for students to pray, meditate, read and reflect during breaks.
The building is carpeted for prayer purpose and comfortable cushions have been placed along all walls for researchers to sit in calm and peaceful environment.

Jinnah Auditorium

Jinnah Auditorium acts as a pivot for all academic and co-curricular activities and events that take place on the campus.
The recently renovated auditorium has an advanced lighting and sound system and has capacity of accommodating 500 people at a time.
It allows GCWUF to host numerous events such as conferences, speaker sessions, musical performances, and theatre plays.
The entire place is fully air-conditioned with a dedicated power back-up.
It is equipped with modern projection and audio systems with access to the internet.
Recent addition of cabins to the auditorium has allowed staff and students space to discuss research work.

Busy Bee Lounge

Busy Bee Lounge is a unique facility for university students. It is a sitting/ waiting area with a capacity of around 100 people at a time. It is supplied with electricity switch boards to charge students’ mobile phones and laptops. It is a comfortable place for students to attend online classes without fear of running out batteries of their devices.

Students Service Centre

Government College Women University Faisalabad introduced its first student service centre in January 2020. The centre has been set in view of Vice Chancellor’s vision of secure and convenient academic environment for female students within university premises. Students can get their academic material photocopied or scanned from here without any stress. Students centre is an important step in promotion of research culture in the university.


Currently there are three buses on three different routes (that cover the whole city Faisalabad).Keeping in view the prospective students the travelling routes will be increased and fleet of buses will also be increased to 05 more with 01 ambulance and 05-07 cars to facilitate university community.


The security system of Government College Women University Faisalabad has improved substantially to conduct a thorough security evaluation. In order to improve the security arrangements, the Govern- ment College Women University has taken following security measures: Senior Security Officer monitoring overall security measureswith the aid of CCTV Cameras/Walkie Talkie sets/ emergency 15 android application
Holding of Security meetings on regular basis Approaching CCPO, Commissioner, SP Madina Town, SHO Police Station Madina Town in connection with security measures
Installation of three walk-through gates at different locations
05 Metal Detectors to improve the security of Government College Women University.
Repair of Boundary Wall
Verification/clearance of faculty members, employees, security staff, and the shopkeepers along with their assistants from Special Branch
Preparation of list of laborers, canteen employees, private contractors and custodial staff at Government College Women University
Training of security guards
Security guards perform the duties round the clock in three shifts
The security staff deputed at university gates checks all the vehicles thoroughly with bottom mirror view and also to checks the visitors through metal detectors at all the Security scan of an employee on main gate
Restricted entry of vehicles in university premises; in order to stop the entry of illegal vehicles in the University Campuses, stickers are being issued to all the vehicles of faculty, students and employees of GCWUF who visit the university on regular basis.
Installment of emergency lights at the main entry points of the university
Provision of torches (Search Lights) to security guards for efficient services
Placement of concrete barriers (Zig Zag) at entry/exit gates.
Installation of 51 CCTV Cameras at entry gates, prominent points and boundary walls of the university and the process for installation of more CCTV cameras is under progress